DOK - Upload Request


With the "Upload Request", CELUM users with read-only permission or external suppliers of assets without CELUM login can also upload files to the ContentHub.

Functions of the Upload Request

  • Create a new node per upload - or upload assets to existing nodes
  • Create any number of upload links per node
  • Configure individual upload links
  • Create and use templates for similar upload links
  • Provide metadata fields for assets to be uploaded - including mandatory fields
  • Share/restrict file types for each upload link
  • Set validity of upload link
  • CSS-based branding of the upload page
  • Upload links for emailing or embedding in a website
  • Bulk upload of folder structures
  • Editing of individual assets during bulk uploads
  • Sort and rename assets during upload

Creating upload forms with a selectable storage mode, predefined asset type and the required information fields. Defining required mandatory fields and limiting the allowed file types, file size and number of files. Define how duplicates are handled: ignore, create new asset or create new version. Duplicate search in the entire ContentHub or in the upload node, recursively if necessary.

Upload Link Settings

  1. Enter the name of the upload request (mandatory field)

  2. Maximum number of uploaded files

  3. Period for the allowed maximum number of uploaded files (hour/day/week/month/year/unlimited)

  4. Storage mode, based on the selected node: create or select folder or allow both options

  5. File category: select allowed file types like image, video, text, etc.

  6. Maximum file size in MB

  7. Validity of the upload request

  8. Branding for the upload request - stylesheets can be stored

  9. GUI language for the upload request

  10. Information for uploaders in German

  11. Information for the uploaders in English

  12. Activate sorting and renaming function

  13. Show stored terms of use

  14. Create PIN link for access without login

  15. Auto Upload option - first set metadata for all images and then upload them

  16. Creator as uploader

  17. Authentication - without or with CELUM login

  18. Duplicate strategy: do not upload, check filename or checksum or both

  19. Duplicate handling: Do not upload, create duplicate or new version 

  20. Search for duplicates in the whole system

  21. Restrict information fields to asset type

  22. Allow only asset-specific metadata

  23. Select information field

  24. Enable mandatory status for information field

  25. Allow creation of new dropdown values

  26. Define default value

  27. Lock value of info field

  28. Provide additional info field

Create Upload Request

The extension is launched via the three-point menu:

  1. Select target node
  2. Three-point menu
  3. Select Upload Request

Prepare an upload request

As an editor in CELUM DAM

Prepare an upload request

As an editor in CELUM DAM

  • Set up upload request on a node

  • Upload request settings

    • Name of the upload request

    • Maximum number of uploaded files

    • Period for the maximum number of uploaded files

    • Location of the files

    • Allowed file types

    • Maximum file size

    • Validity of the upload request

    • Branding for the upload request

    • GUI language

    • Information for uploaders

    • Sorting and renaming function

    • Terms of use

    • Create PIN link

    • Authentication

    • Duplicate handling

    • Provide information fields

  • Upload Request link copy / open page

Upload images

As an external user without CELUM login

  • Open URL of the Upload Request
  • Define settings for the upload
  • Select and add files
  • Change order
  • Fill in info fields
  • Start upload

The result in the DAM

Upload assets in a structure

You can drag and drop assets in a structure into the upload field. The structure is displayed in the DAM with the assets stored in it.

Uploading assets that are in a structure is not compatible with the pin link. This is because the pin link needs a single node whose content it can display.

  1. If you have activated a pin link
  2. and upload assets in a structure
  3. the pin link will be disabled and a warning message will appear

Create labels dynamically

For dropdown fields, new labels can be created by the uploader

  • Select dropdown (noderef) field
  • Allow creation of new labels if necessary
  • Release node in the label structure

Manage Upload Request (Advanced UI only)

View all upload requests in CELUM

  1. Open overview via the menu Administration → Upload Request

On the overview page every upload request in the system can be accessed

  1. Search Upload Request - name, creator,...
  2. Sort Columns
  3. Go to Upload Request
  4. Copy Upload Request link to clipboard
  5. Send mail
  6. Export Upload Request
  7. Delete Upload Request
  8. Edit Upload Request
  9. Validity (yes/no)
  10. Import Template (export and import Upload Request as JSON file)
  11. Export all Upload Requests into an XLSX file

Working with Templates

Set up a template for identical or similar use cases.

  1. Create upload request on a node or create and configure it from the overview
  2. Save Upload Request as template

Create Upload Request from Template

  1. Create new upload request and load template
  2. Search for a suitable template in the template window
  3. Export template as JSON file (additional function)
  4. Load template
  5. Delete template (additional function)


Mandatory information: none, according to properties

Optional information see properties


The permission is set by a separate usergroup for the extension.